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Teen Hairstyles

Teenage is the time in our life all about making an impression. Teenagers usually focus on making a new fashion statement, new clothes, new shoes and a whole new wardrobe. From homeroom to the gym or the cheerleading squad, teenagers want to look their best. Teen hairstyles enable most teenagers to make an impact and glide through high school with ease.

Teenagers are always eager to experiment with their looks and want to come up with something different. From gothic styles and virtual makeovers, most of their time goes in deciding what to wear and how to stand out from the rest. The prom night is one of the biggest events that every teenager looks forward to. Every girl wishes to be the prom queen and every guy wishes to look dashing. Teen hairstyles are fun to create and look resplendent if managed well. Most of these hairstyles are simple to design but some may require texturing, layering, streaking and even curling. Teenagers tend to change their hairstyles with the season or even weekly, depending upon their choice and look they want to sport. Most teenager girls can be seen flipping through fashion magazines in a hope to be able to imitate their favorite celebrity or fashion icon. However, it is important for you to consider a few factors before selecting an appropriate hairstyle such as your face cut, skin tone, lifestyle and hair type before hitting the salon for a makeover.

Teen Hairstyles and celebrities:

Some of the most popular sources of teen hairstyles are teen celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen etc. Teenagers rave about their looks and glamorous hairstyles and imitate them at every step. One of the easiest ways to alter their looks is by simply following a particular celebrity and dressing up like them.

Types of Teen Hairstyles:

Short Hairstyles: These hairstyles are easy to maintain and are not very complicated.

The crop: This haircut looks good on almost every texture. The bangs are side swept or left in a natural untamed manner. This hairdo works best with little bit of layering technique and feathering. You can also opt for an occasional messy crop using a dab of gel or get your hair highlighted for a more dramatic effect.

The Bob cut: This is a very chic hairstyle that suits most teenagers. This is cut in varying lengths that frame the face. You can leave the bangs at shoulder length or tuck them behind your ears. This great hairstyle gives you a wide range of options to experiment. You can go in for getting subtle streaks or simply flip out the ends of your bob when you need to make an impact.

Punk Hair styles: These wild and vivacious hairstyles for those who want to make a bold fashion statement and are not meant for the weak hearted. You can go in for a shaggy cut, super punk or emo hairstyle. Usually a dramatic use of colors to highlight or lowlight the hair makes a world of difference to the way you look.

Spike or Mohawk: By using gel smartly you can style your short crop into a number of fashionable styles. Razor cut is used to create this style to perfection.

Medium Length Hairstyles: These hairstyles are extremely flexible and require regular trims.

Blunt cut: This hairdo is great for mid length tresses and can be styled in a number of ways. You can leave it open with a middle parting or side parting or wear it in a ponytail. The blunt cut comprises of even layers and is often called a page style.

Curly do: this style looks great on most teenage girls. You can sport it whether you have natural curls or get your hair curled at the salon. You can even set your hair occasionally on rollers for getting the perfect look.

Razor Cut: You can get your hair styled in a sleek razor cut with the ends chipped in all directions. You can get this style highlighted with brilliant color techniques.

Long Hair styles: The maximum number of styles can be created with long hair but they require a great deal of maintenance.

Layers: You can select a layered style wherein the hair has been chopped into layers with the help of a razor. This hairdo looks gorgeous when left open or tied in a ponytail.

Curls: You can opt for tight curls or huge wispy waves and create a number of styles in various textures with the curling iron or rollers.

Bangs: By adding bangs you can transform your look at any point of time. You can wear bangs with ponytails or half pin up dos and even with sophisticated buns. 

Short Length HairStyles
Crop Cut Bob Cut Punk Hair
Medium Length Hairstyles
Blunt Cut Curly Do Razor Cut
Long Length Hairstyles
Layers Curls Bangs


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