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Hair Spray

There are various hairstyling tools available in the market these days that help enhance your looks and hairstyle. Hair sprays are one of the most popular among them and are used to set any hairstyle with ease. They make it easier for you to style your hair to perfection even if you are doing it all by yourself.

Hair spray is a glaze which comes in a pump and is designed to control the hair. It is used to give support and lasting power to one’s hairstyle. Hair spray can be used on all hair types and hairstyles to give extra body, volume and control. Hair spray is weaker than hair gel and hair wax, or glue and it helps in holding styles for a longer period of time. Excessive use of hairspray or lack of washing after using hair spray may lead to dull or damaged hair and dandruff.

Hair spray is extremely flammable so one should be careful as it may lead to serious burns to the hair and upper torso which may also result in death. Since hair sprays available in the market have chemicals in them one can also prepare a homemade hair spray that can be used freely as it is void of any chemicals and is healthy for the hair.

Light lemon hair spray

This homemade spray can be very easily prepared. All one needs to do is:

Take two to four lemons and water. Add sliced lemons and water in a pan.

Boil the water on the gas and keep adding water as it evaporates. Boil the mixture for an hour.

Let the water cool and strain it. Put the prepared water in a spray bottle and refrigerate it.

This water can only be used for a week.

If the liquid is very sticky one can add more water.

Sugar-Oil hair spray

The ingredients required to prepare this hair spray are 1tbsp sugar, one cup water, 1tbsp vodka (optional) and 3 to 5 drops of oil.

To prepare it in a pan add sugar. Boil the water and make sure that the sugar dissolves in it.

After the sugar is dissolved add oil and vodka.

One should store the liquid in a cool dry place and use the liquid within a week.

Make sure that one doesn’t run their fingers on the hair until the solution of sugar dries.

Types of hairsprays

Hair sprays come in different varieties. Whether ones hair is thin, thick, long, short, straight, or curled, hair sprays keep every hairstyle looking perfect.

Restructurant: Restructurant is a spray conditioner which one can apply quite liberally to dry or badly conditioned hair. It is used to smooth the cuticle layer and make brushing and styling the hair easier.

Spray-on shine: One can use this hairspray over dry hair after styling. It is used to give instant gloss and is great for controlling naturally frizzy hair leaving it more manageable and less dry near the ends. It is great for damaged hair.

Light hold spray: The light hold spray is suitable for keeping a hair style in place for only a few hours and it can also be used to control permed curls so that they don’t frizz. This spray tends to feel slightly sticky on a person's head until it completely dries.

Medium hold spray: The medium hold spray is for a person who has easily manageable hair and it gives better control over hair. This hair spray doesn’t leave a person's hair feeling heavy or extra sticky.

Super hold spray: The super hold spray is a great choice for a person who has thin or hard to manage hair. This hairspray feels heavy and feels stiff when it is touched.

A bad hair day can be kept away by using just a little hairspray. Hair sprays really help a lot in keeping the hairstyles in place. All one needs to do while buying a hairspray is check the ingredients of each hairspray bottle to determine what hairspray would work best for one’s hair and for the hairstyle that one wishes to have.

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