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hairstyling tools
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Hair styling tools

Beautiful hair doesn't just grow on its own. To achieve beautiful hair one requires the right kind of care and styling tools. Since there are many types of hair styling tools in the market for all kinds of hair one should have some basic hair styling tools handy at home. Some of the most common hair styling tools used by people includes curling irons, hair setters, and hair straightening irons. There is a major difference in the tools and the tasks that each tool plays in styling the hair.

Essential hair styling tools

The first hairstyling tool that one should have is a good hairbrush. Since hair brushes are very specific to hair types, one should know what their hair type is and find a brush that works with it. Some hair brushes help in making the hair smooth and others help in reducing frizz or static while some help add volume to fine or limp hair.

One should also keep a variety of combs in hand. Wide tooth combs are very useful on wet hair and can be used in the shower to distribute conditioner evenly. A fine tooth comb can be used for backcombing or teasing, which adds volume and fullness at the roots. Rat-tail combs help in sectioning all hair types easily.

After you have all the required brushes and combs one should look for a hairdryer that fits ones lifestyle more than ones hairstyle. The best choice for a hair dryer is one that has numerous heat settings and comes with attachments like diffusers and produces ions, which help in smoothening out the hair cuticle.

Some curling options are also an essential hair styling tool which include irons, hot rollers or crimpers. Hot rollers heat the hair gently and a curl lasts much longer compared to a curl set with an iron. Crimpers help in adding whimsical waves to hair and give a trendy look.

A ceramic hair straightener on hand is an important hair styling tool regardless of ones hair type. Sleek styles always remain in fashion and a straightener smooth out the hair, making it look shiny and healthy. Make sure to choose a straightener with a temperature control.

Types of hair styling tools

Brushes and combs : Brushes and combs are used to straighten messed up hair. They remove tangles and knots and the action of brushing and combing help in removing dead cells and dirt and encourage the cuticles to lie flat. Brushes and combs come in a wide variety and all one needs to do is to find the right brush or comb to suit ones hair texture.

Hair curlers, hair setters and hair wavers : Hair curlers and hair wavers are also popular hair styling tools and help in adding flair to any hairstyle by changing the layout of the hair. Adding curls or waves throughout the hair to the tips helps in creating a totally different hairstyle.

Hair dryers : Hair dryers have advanced so much that today they are not just meant to dry wet hair but also help in adding volume and help in controlling frizz. Technology advancement have made hair dryers into a great hair styling tool as one can control everything from the amount of heat produced, the amount of air flow, and even the production of ions for producing better looking hairstyles.

Hair straighteners : Hair straighteners, also known as flat irons are used for no frizz, sleek hairstyles. The increased advances in this tool like ceramic plating and better designs have increased the use of hair straighteners. Since flat irons have different plate sizes they can be used on many different hair types as well.

Beautiful hairstyles can be achieved very easily all one needs is some essential hair styling tools to suit ones requirements. These wide range of hairstyling tools can change a bad hair style into a glamorous and unique new look. They help in adding shine to your hair and a whole lot of confidence in one’s overall personality.

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