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Taking care of Black hair

The most common hair color is black. European and American people generally have blonde hair, whereas Asian people have black hair. The color black is the most common hair color in the world. It is also one of the most desirable of hair colors as many blonde people dye their hair black. Black hair is considered to be the most beautiful type of hair. If you are blessed with this type of hair, you must take good are of it in order to maintain its natural beauty and sheen.

Beautiful hair starts with proper hair care. If we take good care of our hair and treat it well, we can have beautiful, long shiny and damage free tresses. Black hair, when taken care of, looks shinier and more beautiful than blonde hair. The problem with black hair is that it takes in a lot of dust. Some people color their beautiful black hair in an attempt to make it look different. Though, natural black hair is very beautiful, if you still want to color your hair, use a well known coloring product which is gentle, otherwise it will totally damage your pretty black hair.Black hair is very delicate and fragile. If you color your hair, you expose it to chemicals that weaken the hair and damage it. If proper precautions are taken before and after the hair coloring process, you can reduce the amount of damage.

Some tips for beautiful black hair-

If you wish for long black hair, remember not to sleep with your hair done up in ponytails or braids. If you are making a ponytail or a braid, remember not to tie a very tight ponytail, as your pretty black hair can break easily.

You should also regularly trim your black hair; otherwise you can suffer from split ends. The splitting of hair into two or three strands is called split ends.

It is advised to trim your hair once in every three months.

Do not brush your hair very harshly. Use a wide toothed comb while detangling the hair, to avoid breakage.

Before washing your hair, brush it once to remove the tangles, as wet hair breaks very easily. Your brush should have correctly spaced bristles.

Your hair should be oiled every week. Oiling nourishes the scalp and roots making the hair glossy and gorgeous. There are a variety of hair oils you can pick from such as olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, Aloe oil etc.

Remember to use a recognized, branded shampoo and conditioner which suits your hair type. If any shampoo or conditioner, or any other hair product irritates your scalp, stop using it immediately.

Mix lemon juice with water and rinse your hair with this mixture. It makes the hair shinier.

Dry hair can be managed by massaging it.

Avoid shampooing your hair on a daily basis as this causes the hair to become dry and brittle, stealing it of its natural oils. It is recommended that you use a high quality hydrating shampoo with gentle cleansers instead of harsh chemicals. Always check the list of ingredients prior to purchasing the shampoo.

2 in 1 shampoos must be avoided. Use a separate shampoo and conditioner.

The hair must be washed frequently in order to get rid of the dirt, grime, gels, mousse, chemicals and affect of pollution. Remember to use a good branded shampoo and conditioner which suits your hair type.

It is advised to not comb wet hair. It first has to be dried out and then the tangles have to be removed.

Remember that combs and brushes have to be kept clean.

Never twist or tug at your hair unnecessarily.

Always brush your hair before going to bed every night. This increases the circulation of blood to the scalp, thereby nourishing the roots.

Avoid using hair sprays on a daily basis.

Avoid using a blow dryer to dry your hair, as it will make your hair even drier.

Finally, remember to take a proper diet and take good care of your black hair.

If you follow these hair care tips, you can certainly have long, shiny and problem-free black hair that everyone will envy.

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