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Curly Hair Tips

Curly hair is shaped like an elongated oval and grows at a sharp angle to the scalp. For several years, it was believed that individual hair shaft is responsible for determining the shape of a person’s hair. Curly hair was thought to be the outcome of a cross section of the hair shaft being flat up with more entangled layers than straight hair. As per research whether your hair is straight or curly is established by the shape of the follicle itself and the direction is which each strand grows out of its follicle.

Curly hair has a different biological structure from other hair types. It tends to be much drier because the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands is capable of traveling down the shaft quite easily. Individuals with very curly hair are prone to problems associated with dry and frizzy hair more often than those with other hair types.

Curly hair tips for nourishment:

Hair routine for curly hair: Prior to deciding a hair routine it is essential to determine whether your hair is coarse, dry, oily straight, curly or rough. It also enables you to determine what kind of a cut is best suited as per your hair texture. Curly hair can either be a blessing or a curse depending upon how well it is looked after. Naturally curly hair is considered to be beautiful provided you treat it with care and maintain its natural shine and bounce. The biggest problem faced with this type of hair is dryness. Over worked and under nourished curls tend to frizz, lack luster and bounce. Curls can also get out of control quite easily therefore, it is important to use appropriate hair products in order to control these problems.

One of the basic curly hair tips is that you must keep experimenting with your hair in order to make it look beautiful and appealing. Curly locks are great when properly styled and cared for. Heat opposes moisture. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you stay away from hair straighteners, blow driers, crimpers etc. While going out in the sun you must cover your hair with a scarf, hat or cap in order to reduce the exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Wash your hair only a few times a week and use a mild shampoo embodied with humectants. Oil treatment of the scalp using olive oil, aloe oil, coconut oil is recommended. This improves the condition of frizzy hair and gives the curls a natural sheen. Protein rinse is also a great option to tackle this problem.

A regular scalp massage work wonders for curly hair. It nourishes and strengthens the hair and increases the blood circulation enabling you to fight split ends and frizz. A fifteen minutes scalp massage to the scalp twice a week before shampooing must form a part of your hair care routine.

Conditioning: This adds brilliance and sparkle to all types of hair. Natural oil secreted by the scalp helps keep the hair glossy. However, curly hair is usually dry and frizzy and lacks enough natural oil. Therefore, it is important to condition it on a regular basis in order to the bind the moisture and oil content. Conditioning helps remove the tangles and makes it easier to manage and style the curly locks.

Hair trimming: Well groomed, glossy hair depends on the combination of the cut and the condition of the hair. You must go in for getting your curls trimmed at least once in three months to enhance the style and the condition of your hair. Regular trimming takes care of split ends and gives the hair a thicker and healthier look. You can set your hair in a number of directions by using appropriate lotions and sprays for curls. Sprays work like lacquer and can be used for short as well as long cuts.

With these curly hair tips you are likely to groom a beautiful mane that will put your curly blues to rest.

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