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Fine Hair

There are approximately 90.000 to 150,000 strands of hair on your head. Most of the human body is covered by tiny light colored hair that is barely visible and has a protective function. Thick hair grows from the scalp and is made up of the protein keratin. The root of the hair is the lowest part of the hair that enlarges at the end into a hair bulb. Hair develops from the cells of the bulb which divide rapidly. A structure called papilla, containing connective tissues and blood vessels that supply the blood necessary for the rapidly growing cells of the hair, projects into the hair bulb at the base of the follicle. The cells of the hair move upward as new cells begin to form beneath. As they move upwards they are cut off from the nourishment and start to form a hard protein called keratin. This process is called keratinisation. The part of hair where keratinisation occurs is called a shaft.

Fine hair is considered to be soft and silky and has a healthy natural bounce and sheen. It is neither dry nor greasy and is easily manageable. Everybody wants to have a well nourished and gorgeous mane. Healthy hair begins with effective care, intake of a proper diet and adequate amount of rest. Beautiful shining hair is a valuable asset that flatters your features, face and skin. Almost sixty percent of your looks are based on your hair. In order to maintain fine hair, a daily hair care routine comprising of proper grooming, massaging and conditioning is necessary. Hair can be classified into three textures – Fine hair, Medium hair or coarse hair. Fine hair usually lacks volume but is easy to style.

Diet for Fine hair:

Diet plays a significant role in hair care and an unhealthy diet leads to a number of hair problems. Every strand of hair is composed of keratin, therefore, a diet rich in protein is essential for your hair. Lack of any nutrients can result in severe health problems. A well balanced diet comprising of all the essential nutrients can change a lusterless mop into a shining mane. It is recommended to have protein rich food such as chicken, fish, liver, milk, green vegetables, carrot, yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, eggs etc. in order to maintain beautiful hair. You can also supplement vitamin A, B, D and E in your diet along with cod liver oil in capsule form. 10gms of gelatine dissolved in a glass of tomato juice is great for your scalp and hair.  

Tips for healthy hair care:  

  • Brush your hair with a full radial brush that is ideal for fine hair.
  • Never brush or comb your hair when it is wet.
  • Avoid blow drying your hair completely. Leave little moisture in the hair while drying.
  • Use a conditioner with UV protectors.
  • Use low ammonia or no ammonia hair color.
  • Always clean your hair after a swim.

If you have fine textured hair you must consider yourself lucky. But you need to preserve your hair texture by taking proper care of it, in the absence of which, your hair might end up as dull and frizzy.

Brushing tips:

Brushing is an important part of any hair care program. It increases the blood circulation and helps distribute natural oils to the hair ends. Regularity in brushing plays a key role in achieving luxurious hair growth.

Scalp massage:

This is a must for the growth of healthy, strong hair. It helps hasten the flow of blood to the scalp, improves blood circulation and fights split ends.


This nourishes the roots and gives a shiny, healthy look to hair. A wide range of oils such as aloe oil, almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil can be used for oiling the hair on a regular basis.


This is the ideal way of removing grime and dirt from the hair shaft. It also cleans the scalp from all kinds of gels, sprays and pollution. It is recommended that you try a couple of sample shampoos in order to determine which one is best suited for your hair type. An ideal shampoo is one that does not cause drying of the scalp or stimulate a greasy scalp.


This adds brilliance to hair and restores the natural bounce and sheen to the shaft. It is essential for you to condition your hair at least thrice a week in order to maintain its balance. Fine hair is vulnerable as natural oil does not reach the ends resulting in splits. The use of a conditioner rectifies this condition.

Healthy hair is one of the most prominent features of an individual’s personality and it is essential for you to take care of it in order to enhance your features.

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