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Frizzy Hair

Everybody wants to have naturally silky hair which has a healthy bounce and sheen. There are various types of hair such as normal hair, dry hair, greasy hair and combination hair. Healthy hair care is essential in order to induce hair growth and nourish the hair. Hair texture varies from individual to individual and can also be different in various parts of the same head. When deciding upon a hair care routine, you need to identify what type of hair you have. The texture of your hair also plays an important role in determining what kind of hair cut you must have, what kind of shampoo you must use and how many times you must condition your hair.

Dry or Frizzy hair is a common problem faced by a number of individuals. This kind of hair is usually caused by the action of various external factors such as perming, exposure to excess heat, chemical treatments like coloring and perming, excessive brushing, combing and blow drying. These result in the loss of natural ceramides which are the lipids present in the hair shaft, thereby weakening the hair structure. Environmental factors such as the pollution level, humidity, exposure to chlorinated water etc. also result in damaging the hair texture. Hair is seen as the dead tissue made up of keratin but the hair bulb has live cells which grow. The health of hair is directly related to eating a well balanced and nutritious diet including foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as vegetables, fruits, cereals and low fat food. Regular exercise is also beneficial for the skin and hair.

Fighting Frizzy hair:

Brushing: This forms a significant part of every hair care program. You must brush your hair regularly in order to distribute the natural oils through the hair ends and increase blood circulation. You must always start by combing the hair to free it from tangles and knots. Brushing helps to retain, stimulate and maintain the natural oils of the scalp resulting in the growth of healthy hair.

Massage: In order to grow healthy or strong hair it is essential for you to conduct a scalp massage routine everyday. This increases the flow of blood to the head and improves circulation. Frizzy hair is characterized by a coarse, texture and split ends. A good hair massage helps eliminate the split ends and softens the hair. There are two types of scalp massages – rubber scalp massage and finger scalp massage. A fifteen minute scalp massage with oil twice a week is recommended before shampooing in order to achieve beautiful hair.

Oiling: Oiling nourishes the roots and gives a healthy shining look to hair. Frizzy hair benefits the most from an oil application. A wide variety of oils can be used for oiling the hair such as almond oil, aloe oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc.

Shampoo: This is the best way to clean the hair and get rid of all the dirt, grime, gels sprays and the pollution. A good shampoo does not interfere with the scalp’s natural oil secretion and does not stimulate an oily scalp. An ideal shampoo for frizzy hair comprises of Lecithin, which is present in egg yolk. You can opt for a good egg based shampoo in order to nourish the hair.

Protein Rinse: This helps lubricate and strengthen the hair and enables you to improve the coarse texture of your tresses. The various protein rinses are wheat germ rinse, whey rinse and oatmeal rinse.

Conditioning: Regular conditioning adds brilliance to all kinds of hair. Particularly frizzy hair can benefit from and bag a luminous shine. Conditioners help hair that has been exposed to poor bleaching, over perming, faulty diet and excess sun light. Conditioning helps to bind moisture and keeps the hair smooth and soft. It assists in removing tangles and makes the hair easier to manage and style. Conditioning treatment is essential at least three times a week in order to retain the oil and moisture balance. It restores the natural bounce and sheen of the hair making it look glossy and voluminous. If you have frizzy hair you must go in for a protein conditioner that enriches your hair and also helps eliminate split ends.

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