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Massaging Scalp for healthy hair growth

Hair is the crowning glory of man and is considered to be one of the most valuable beauty assets. There are approximately 90,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on the head. We can grow it and blow it and still not know it very well. The best way of getting gorgeous tresses is to get to know your hair instead of cribbing about it or making desperate attempts at taming it. Hair grows from an indentation in the skin called the follicle. Most hair follicles contain sebaceous glands which secrete oil into the follicle. The oil flows over the hair, lubricates it and keeps it soft. Sometimes these oil glands may not produce enough oil resulting in the growth of dry or brittle hair.

Oil is secreted naturally within the scalp and it is a wrong notion that oiling the hair helps growth. Although dry hair does require a certain amount of oil, it is the act of massaging the scalp that stimulates the hair follicles and induces growth. A scalp massage is a must for healthy, strong hair as it helps to hasten the flow of blood to the head.

Massaging the scalp on a daily basis should be an integral part of your hair care program. This will improve the circulation of blood and help fight the split ends. There are various types of scalp massages ranging from herbal massages and finger tip massages to rubber scalp massage.

A rubber scalp massage:

A rubber scalp massager has small circular pads with rubber needles protruding out and a handle. These massagers are either battery operated or come as high tech electronic devices. Using a rubber scalp massager enables you to massage your scalp without harming the sensitive tissues or tiring the hands. It increases blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the scalp enabling the hair to derive optimum nutrition.

Finger massage:

This can be done by using your own fingers or by asking someone else to give you a massage. Organize the massage in such a way that your fingers remain more or less in one place, but the scalp moves. With the small circular movements or back and forth motion you will be able to cover larger areas of your scalp. A fifteen minute scalp massage with oil twice a week before shampooing must form an essential part of your hair care program.

Kind of oil used for massaging the scalp:

Oil nourishes the roots and gives a shiny, healthy looks to hair. Oil massage is good for all types of hair on a regular basis. Dry, brittle hair benefits bests from an oil application the best. A wide range of oils such as almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil and aloe oil are available that can be used for massaging the scalp.


Take a little pure oil and warm it. Dip cotton wads into the warm oil and apply to every section of your hair beginning at the hair roots. Massage well using your fingers or a rubber scalp massager. Dip a towel in hot water and wrap around your head. Leave it on for 20 minutes before shampooing.

Aloe Vera oil is used to stimulate hair growth and is great for massaging the scalp. You can make your own aloe oil for a hair massage.


  • Four big leaves of Aloe
  • 250gms of coconut oil


Aloe leaves are thick, succulent and have a transparent pulp. Slit each leave and scrape out the pulp. Use a liquidizer to make it into a smooth paste. Heat the coconut oil and add the aloe pulp. Keep stirring until the oil floats on top. Strain the oil and bottle it.


Take 2 table spoons of oil and massage well into the scalp working your way from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Leave it on for at least one hour before shampooing.

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