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Product Build-up: Remove the residue

Hair is the most important beauty asset of an individual. It can be colored, braided, blown, styled, cut or highlighted. Everybody wants to have ravishing locks that are well nourished and glossy. A wide range of products such as gels, mousse, colorants, shampoos, conditioners, serums etc. are available in the market these days for getting those to-die-for tresses. An array of styling products and techniques are available these days that help your hair get the desired look, style and volume.

Hair is considered to be the most versatile fashion accessory. It can be cut or highlighted to suit your features and enhances your personality. Product build-up is termed as the deposit of styling products such as shampoos, bleaching creams, sprays, gels etc. that is left on the hair. Products with low quality ingredients often leave a filmy coating on the hair surface and scalp which tends to build up over time.

Individuals using styling products frequently are more prone to this problem than those going the natural way. Build-up of products tends to choke the hair making it heavy, unattractive and dull. Shampooing your hair with hard products and rinsing with hard water results in mineral build up causing the hair to become brittle and lusterless. This makes your hair weak and lifeless stealing it of its natural shine and bounce. The resins from styling products combine with the mineral build up leading to hair loss and the accumulation of dirt and grime.

Gels, shampoos, conditioners, mousse, serums and sprays leave behind a lot of chemical goop that needs to be cleared at least once a month in order to promote the growth of beautiful hair. Clarifying shampoos help rip out the residue and restore the original texture of hair.

Causes of Product build-up:

  • Frequent use of styling products such as non-soluble waxes, gels and mousse leads to the accumulation of residue on the hair.
  • Persistent use of 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners.
  • Constant use of harsh shampoos that have strong chemicals and cheaper ingredients.
  • Regular application of hair sprays that are applied and concentrated in one area of the hair.
  • Application of gel to the hair frequently also causes product build-up as it cannot spread evenly throughout the shaft.

Effects of product build-up:

  • Lack of luster and shine.
  • Hair feels heavy and lifeless.
  • Growth of dry, brittle hair that is difficult to manage or style.
  • The hair is usually tangled and rough.
  • The hair has a sticky coating on it.
  • Appearance of a flaky substance on the hair which is not dandruff.
  • Hindrance in cleaning and conditioning the hair.
  • Hair cannot be styled, premed or colored due to the obstruction posed by harmful chemicals.
  • The hair looks damaged and coarse.
  • The hair gets electrified on combing or brushing.

Treatment and prevention of product build-up:

  • Use a special purifying shampoo to restore the sheen and beauty of your hair. These shampoos provide deep nourishment, strength and lustre to the locks. You can choose from a wide range of stripping, chelating or clarifying shampoos that have been developed to combat product build-up.
  • Wet your hands before applying gel to the hair. Always spread the gel on the hands before applying it to the hair.
  • Use water soluble wax.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner separately instead of using 2-in-1 shampoos.
  • Always go in for branded products rather than trying out cheap off the shelf hair care solutions. The quality of ingredients used plays a significant role in nourishing your hair. Cheap products only add to your hair care worries and rob the hair of its natural beauty.
  • Diluted soda bicarbonate can be used to rinse the hair and remove hair spray build up.
  • Avoid overindulging in bleaching the hair, coloring it and styling it with the help of gels, hair sprays, mousse etc. too often.

The best way to get rid of product build-up is by using products that are mild and help retain the beauty and natural texture of your hair. Using harmful chemicals such as ammonia based colors and dyes can have a drastic affect of your tresses. If you are looking to beautify your tresses or want a complete make-over consult a hair expert and get your locks styled the natural way.

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