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Straight Hair Care for the perfect tresses

Straight hair is the most sought after hair type. It is easy to maintain and can be styled in a number of ways. Everybody from teenager to celebrities is going gaga over straight tresses. Everybody wishes to have ravishing straight tresses that give a breezy look. If you are blessed with straight silky hair, you are one of those lucky individuals who couldn’t have asked for more. But you need to take proper straight hair care in order to maintain the beauty and shine of your gorgeous tresses. One of the biggest disadvantages of straight locks is that they tend to tangle very easily. Therefore, you must nourish your mane with proper nourishment and treat it with a good hair care program on a daily basis.

If you have straight hair, it does not mean that you can toss your hair care worries aside. Like other types of hair, straight hair also needs adequate nutrition, rest and care. You must avoid exposing your hair to too many harsh chemicals such as colorants, curling irons, hot rollers, chlorinated water, bleaching and pollution in order to maintain its beauty and texture. Ever wash your tresses with very hot water as it causes the strands to expand, thereby damaging the quality of hair. Always cover your head with a scarf, cap, hat or umbrella while stepping out in the sun. The harmful UV rays of the sun tend to damage the hair causing it to become dry, brittle, and lifeless. You must also oil your tresses at least twice a week in order to combat any split ands and increase the circulation of blood to the scalp and neck.

Straight hair care tips:

Diet: This plays a significant role in maintaining the health of hair. Every strand of hair is primarily composed of keratin therefore, it is essential for you to intake a protein rich diet with all the essential amino acids and fatty acids in order to provide optimum nourishment to the hair. The combination of healthy diet and supplements can change a lusterless mop into a shining mane. Foods rich in protein as well as vitamin B are recommended. Vitamin A and D also play a vital role in strengthening hair. Foods such as eggs, chicken, fish, liver, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, green vegetables, carrots etc. are great for the diet. You can also include vitamin A and cord liver oil in capsule form in your diet to get healthy hair.

Accessories: The first step towards acquiring beautiful hair is purchasing a few essential accessories such as two natural bristle brushes, half nylon natural bristles, two wide tooth combs, a rubber scalp massager, a sharp pair of scissors and at least three towels. While selecting combs pick ones without rough edges and avoid the use of nylon bristle brushes. A semi radial brush is good for dry hair, a full radial brush for normal hair and a natural bristle brush for thin hair.

Straight Hair care program:

Brushing: This is an integral part of any hair care program. Always brush the hair from the hair line as your hair benefits from upward strokes. Start by combing the hair to free it from knots and tangles. When you brush the sides of your head, the movements should be upwards and outwards. Work all around your head like the hands of a clock. It is relatively easy to brush your back hair, if you bend over a chair so that you have an unbroken line to work across. Bending low facilitates the flow of blood to the head. Constant brushing stimulates scalp circulation and helps to distribute natural oils to the hair ends. It helps to retain, stimulate and replace natural oils.

Scalp massage: This is essential for maintaining healthy, strong and luxuriant hair. It increases the flow of blood to the head. A regular scalp massage improves blood circulation, relieves stress and helps fight split ends. There are two types of scalp massages — rubber scalp massage and finger massage.

Oiling: Oil nourishes the roots and gives a shiny, healthy look to the hair. It is great for all hair types such as dry hair, dyed or combed hair. There are a wide range of oils that can be used such as almond oil, olive oil, aloe oil, coconut oil etc.

Hair is an important part of an individual’s personality and it is essential for you to take proper care of it. With adequate amount of nourishment and precautions you can cultivate a mane that will be the talk of the town. 

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