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Hair Washing

Proper grooming is an essential part of all hair care programs. It comprises of brushing, massaging, shampooing, rinsing, conditioning and styling. Hair washing forms the heart of a hair care regime. Everybody wants to have shiny, bouncy locks. Shampooing, rinsing and conditioning lie at the core of washing your tresses.

Washing tips for healthy hair:


This is the ideal way to remove grime and dirt from your hair. It cleans the scalp of all kinds of gels, sprays and pollution. A good shampoo does not interfere with a scalp’s natural oil secretion. Shampoo cannot repair or change the process of over active oil glands in any way. Washing your hair does not make it dry or brittle. Prior to deciding upon which shampoo is ideal for your hair, you need to try out a couple of samples. An ideal shampoo does not cause drying of the scalp, nor does it stimulate a greasy scalp. Dry hair is most likely to benefit from a shampoo containing lecithin. Undernourished hair benefits from a good protein based shampoo. Greasy hair requires a protein based shampoo containing lime, sulfur or cedar base. One of the best ways to wash your hair is by finding two different types of shampoos and conditioners and alternating them every fortnight. This helps keep your hair pliant and alive. It is strongly advised not to use soap while washing your hair as it tends to leave a dull film on the shaft which cannot be removed even by washing the hair with the softest water.

Healthy tips for shampooing the hair:

Prior to washing your hair you must comb it to get rid of all the tangles. Wet your hair with lukewarm water and apply a small quantity of shampoo. Massage it gently using small circulating movements of finger tips. Keep your thumbs at the nape of your neck with your fingers spread out and rotate with light pressure on the scalp. Remember, your scalp must do the moving and not the fingers. Gradually, move your thumbs a little higher working firmly but gently with your finger tips. Move on to the hairline and the remaining area where the dirt and grime tend to be trapped most. While washing hairdo not pull or tug it. Use a shampoo with high rinsing capacity for hair washing on a daily basis which not only helps to revitalize the scalp but also leaves it clean.


This adds brilliance and sparkle to all types of hair, particularly dry hair. Natural oil secreted by the scalp makes the hair glossy. Sometimes the oil glands are unable to produce enough oil on account of various factors. The nature and condition of your hair is determined by the level of moisture it retains. Conditioners help treat the hair that has been exposed to excess sunlight, poor bleaching, over perming and are undernourished. Conditioners help to bind in moisture and keep the hair smooth and soft. They assist in removing the tangles and make the hair easier to manage and style. Conditioning treatment is essential at least thrice a week before hair washing in order to maintain the oil and moisture balance. It restores the sparkle and shine of your hair. Long hair is vulnerable as the natural oil does not reach its ends causing splits. The use of a conditioner rectifies this condition. Combination hair needs more conditioning at the ends of the hair and less at the roots. Greasy hair requires a conditioner of less consistency and must be used sparingly. Dry hair calls for a protein conditioner which enriches the hair and helps fight split ends.

Conditioning tips: Pour a little conditioner onto the palm of your head and rub it into your hair working your way through the entire length gently. Comb with a wide tooth comb removing the knots and tangles before rinsing.


The secret of good shampooing lies in thorough rinsing of the hair. Well rinsed hair has a clear shiny appearance. Rinsing does not harm or damage the hair. It gives the hair a better shine and body and does not affect the basic hair color. There are various rinses available these days ranging from herbal rinses and protein rinses to acid rinses that nourish the hair.

To remove the grease and stickiness, wash you mane at least thrice a week and then rinse your hair with lemon water, beer or white vinegar mixed with water to get glossy tresses.

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