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long hairstyles
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Long Hair Care Tips

Hair is the most important feature of an individual. Almost sixty per cent of our looks are attributed to the way our tresses look. The key to developing gorgeous long tresses lies in taking proper care of our hair all the way to the ends. In order to grow beautifully nourished locks, it is essential for you to take good care of your hair begnni8ng with a sound hair care routine. There are several long hair care tips available these days that help you cultivate strong, long tresses that are the focal point of beauty and grace.

Long hair is considered to be the most beautiful if maintained well. The biggest advantage of having long tresses is that they can be styled in a number of ways. You can style your hair into long wispy waves, leave it open, braid it, hold it back with the help of barrettes or pile it into an elegant bun. Regular exercise, intake of a well balanced and nutritious diet along with adequate amount of rest is some of the best ways to get naturally healthy tresses. You must follow a good hair care routine comprising of shampooing, oiling, massaging, conditions and trimming in order to cultivate a gorgeous long mane.

Long Hair Care Tips for getting a beautiful mane:

Diet: This is the most important factor affecting the growth of hair and its texture. We all know that heir is made up of protein called keratin. Therefore, it is essential for you to include loads of protein rich foods in your daily diet such as chicken, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, green leafy vegetables, organ meats, soy, broccoli, organ meats, cheese, butter etc. Adding one tablespoon of gelatin to one glass of tomato juice is miraculous for your hair. Vitamin A and D also play a vital role in strengthening hair. You can also include vitamin A and cord liver oil in capsule form in your diet to get healthy hair.

Shampooing: This is the most important part of any hair care routine. It is the best way by means of which you can get rid of all the dirt, grime, excess sebum, gels, mousse and sprays from the hair. If you have dry or brittle hair you need a shampoo comprising of Lecithin which is present in egg yolk, greasy hair requires a protein based shampoo with lime, sulfur or cedar. You must avoid the use of any kinds of soaps in order to promote hair shine. Soap tends to leave a dull film on the hair that robs it of its luster making the hair look dull and lank.

Conditioning: This adds brilliance to all hair types and enables the hair to get a luminous shine. Natural oil secreted by the scalp helps keep the hair glossy. However, these oil glands may not produce enough oil due to various factors. The nature and condition of your hair is determined by the level of moisture it retains. Conditioners help hair that has been exposed to poor bleaching, perming, excess sunlight, radiation etc. Conditioners help in binding the moisture and keeping the hair smooth, soft and lustrous. They also help in removing the tangles and make the hair easier to manage and style. Conditioning treatment is required at least thrice a week in order to maintain the oil and moisture balance.

Brushing: Always brush the hair from the hair line as your hair benefits from upward strokes. Start by combing the hair to free it from knots and tangles. When you brush the sides of your head, the movements should be upwards and outwards. Work all around your head like the hands of a clock. Constant brushing stimulates scalp circulation and helps to distribute natural oils to the hair ends. It helps to retain, stimulate and replace natural oils.

Scalp massage: This is essential for maintaining healthy, strong and luxuriant hair. It increases the flow of blood to the head. A regular scalp massage improves blood circulation, relieves stress and helps fight split ends.

Oiling: Oil nourishes the roots and gives a shiny, healthy look to the hair. It is great for all hair types such as dry hair, dyed or combed hair. There are a wide range of oils that can be used such as almond oil, olive oil, aloe oil, coconut oil etc.

By following these Long Hair Care Tips you are likely to cultivate a gorgeous mane in a short period of time. Everybody wants to cultivate long, beautiful tresses but few know that it is essential to pay a lot of attention to your hair in order to grow glossy, beautiful locks for life.

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