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long hairstyles
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Long hair is considered to be the most beautiful and few individuals are able to maintain its raw beauty and grace. Everybody wants to have a well nourished long mane that is admired by all. Hair is the most important beauty asset of an individual. It is said that almost 60 per cent of out looks are attributed to how our tresses are.

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin and comprises of dead cells. Long tresses look great on most individuals but one needs to nourish the long mane by regular exercise, intake of a protein rich diet and adequate amount of rest. It is essential to keep your hair protected from the harsh affect of heat, sunlight and chemicals in order to grow gorgeous, long tresses. You must go in for an oil treatment at least twice a week in order to nourish your scalp. This promoted the growth of health, luxuriant hair. There are various Long hair styles Pictures available on the internet, magazines, beauty journals, newspapers etc. that can be consulted before styling your hair for a formal occasion or for office.

History of Long hair:

In ancient civilizations, long hair was considered to be the essence of beauty. Special attention was paid to hair and it was treated with various hair care routines. Every culture had a unique sanctity associated with hair. The Greeks were known to cultivate long hair as a symbol of beauty which is evident from ancient Greek sculptures and scriptures that depict their Gods with long hair. The ancient Egyptians were known to remove their hair and wear wigs. But they were also known for inventing some of the most exotic hair care treatments and techniques. The ladies of the ancient Egyptian civilization often adorned their hair with precious stones and jewels. They even colored their tresses with henna or chamomile. Hebrew men and women also wore long hair but it was regularly trimmed to show humility. Ancient Romans also wore their hair long.

Long Hair Styles for the new generation:

Long hair styles are a rage. Everybody wants to have glossy, long tresses. Of course, you cannot become Rapunzel overnight, but with proper hair care and nutrition you can cultivate a healthy mane. The biggest asset of long hair is that it can be styled in a number of ways and can be flaunted around on several occasions. Long hair can be styled into braids, sausage curls, wringlets, buns, ponytails etc. You can find some of the easiest and quickest long hair style pictures listed below.

Flirty Curls:

This hairstyle looks great for all occasions and requires any length of hair below the shoulder level. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly. Then split your tresses in a middle or side parting. Take few strands and set it on rollers. You can also blow dry your hair if you are looking to set it quickly. Open the rollers and you are all set to twirl. You can finish styling your hair by spraying a fine styling spray so that the curls retain their shape for the longest period of time.


The Clamp Twist:

This is a popular long hair style that can be created for a formal dinner or party. This style drew its inspiration from Jennifer Munson o the soap As the World Turns. Part the hair from ear to ear and take the top section and divide it into four equal parts. Take the partition on the extreme left and weave it beneath parting two and above parting three and four. Then take the original far right strands and weave them beneath the middle strands and above the next strand working your way towards the left. Pull the strands tightly and hold the two strands on the lefts as you insert the long clamp. Insert the clamp next to the second strand from the left holding the hair tightly at the top. The lower part of the clamp must grip some of the strands towards the right. There are beautifully designed clamps available that can be used to decorate your tresses.

Hair claw up-do:

This style looks great if you are looking to go for a formal occasion. It is also a wonderful hairdo for all weather conditions and tends to set your features apart. Grab all your hair and twist up and secure with a hair claw. If you have very long tresses, you can also curl them or crimp them depending upon your preference.

Most long hair style pictures explain the hairstyle along with the instructions and can be vied in most hairstyle catalogues. So, the nest time you are planning to go to a party, you know where to find some of the greatest hairdos. If you register in some of the sites on the internet, you can also try out various hairdos on your own picture. This will give you a fairly great idea as to how you will look in a particular hairstyle.

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