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long hairstyles
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Long Hair cut Picture

Hair is the most important part of an individual’s personality. It is the epitome of beauty and grace. It is also an indicator of good health and beauty. Well kept tresses surely go a long way in attracting admiring glances your way. Nobody wishes to have an unkempt, untidy and lusterless mane. If you are looking to dress your tresses for a special occasion like a friend’s wedding or cocktail dinner, you need to pay special attention to a few things such as — the shape of your face, your height, what dress you are likely to wear and what type of hair cut is best for you.

The right hair cut can add life to your otherwise dull look. It is essential for you to tame your tresses to your benefit in order to achieve maximum gains out of your hair cut. There is a variety of Long hair cut Pictures available on the internet, fashion magazines, beauty journals, hairstyle catalogues etc. With advancement in technology, nowadays, you can also register yourself on various hair care sites and post in your picture to see which haircut would look best on you. This is one of the best ways by means of which you can decide for yourself and go in for a dynamic hair cut that is likely to suit your features of personality.

Maintaining long tresses requires a great deal of dedication. You must follow a proper hair care routine on a daily basis in order to maintain the luster and sheen of your tresses. Avoid exposing your hair to too mush heat in the form of curling irons, flat irons, blow driers, perming machines, hot rollers, sunlight and pollution. This tends to damage the hair causing it to become dry and brittle. You must also avoid exposing your hair to harsh chemicals such as two in one shampoos, hard water and chlorinated water.

Long hair cut Pictures and styles:

Long tresses are a delight. They tend to set you apart and can instantly give you the look of a glamour magazine front page model, if your mane is well kept and glossy. The right long cuts can be achieved by visiting your hairdresser and crafting the hair to suit your facial stricture and height.

The Go-Glam cut:

This cut is specially designed for those with mid-waist or longer length hair. It is further styled into large, wispy waves in order to get that model-like look. For this cut, you need to get your bangs trimmed from the back in a fashionable layering cut with a middle or centre parting as per your facial structure. Once done you must turn your hair upside down and spray a good volumizing or texturizing spray. For naturally coarse or curly hair you can also work you way with a straightening balm or serum. Brush your hair starting at the roots and clamp your tresses in a ponytail holder. Then take a few strands at a time and set them on rollers. You can use hot rollers or normal rollers to style your hair. In order to get huge waves, you must use larger rollers. Once done, open the rollers and discard the clamper. Finish styling your waves by using a hair styling spray and brush them slightly to get that wind caresses look.


Razor Cut:

This type of cut is done with the help of a razor that creates movement in straight hairstyles. Razor cutting requires a high quality razor with a solid hand grip. The hair is gathered and is razored at an angle slinging downwards. This can be done with the help of a straight edge razor, razor comb or razor sharper. It is recommended for all hair below the shoulder level that is razored in layered cuts. The bangs are shorter towards the crown and longer as you move downwards. Professional and trendy styles can be created with the help of razors that are likely to add volume and texture to your tresses. The best length is in between or long for this type of cut.


Flick o mania:

This is one of the most popular long hair cuts. This requires trimming your long tresses from the back and then making a middle parting or centre parting in the front. The hair is then taken in one inch strands from the front and chopped off to create flocks. These can be set by using a backwards comb and drier to get an angular look around the face. If you have straight hair, you can also leave your flicks hanging downwards if you choose to tie your back hair in a ponytail.




U shape: This cut requires the hair to be trimmed in a ‘U’ shape towards the back. It can be styled into a banana ponytail or simple left open. It adds volume and bounce to straight long hair.

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