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Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrities are a massive source of inspiration for the people. Most individuals look up to the celebrities they admire and try to copy them in a number of ways. Celebrity hairstyles are based on the cuts flaunted by various celebrities in high fashion circuits and millions of people cut their tresses according to the latest trend adapted by their favorite celebrity. These hairstyles are usually based on cutting edge technology and revolve around the latest and the hottest trends. Celebrities always manage to look gorgeous and most of us wish the same about ourselves. Most of these haircuts enhance one’s features and enable you to look sassy and in vogue.



Selecting the right Celebrity cut:

There are various things one needs to keep in mind while selecting a celebrity hairstyle such as the facial cut, color of eyes, height, complexion etc. It is important for you to see if the cut will look good on you or not. The following pointers will help you select the right cut and look glamorous just like your favorite celebrity:

Practicality: Celebrities tend to look really appealing even in the oddest of hairstyles, which is why before choosing a celebrity hairstyle one should try and imagine oneself in the same hairdo and if one is capable of carrying it without any hassle.

Face shape: Different celebrities have different face shapes. You must ensure that your facial cut is similar to that of the celebrity, you are dying to copy.

Hair Type: Different people have different hair types and textures. In order to maintain your hairstyle and look fresh, you need to go in for a hairdo that is appropriate for your hair type.

Adequate Research: Before you go and get your hair styled like your favorite celebrity’s, you must have adequate information about the hairstyle and go through several pictures of the particular hairstyle viewed from different angles. You can find loads of information available on the internet, magazines, fashion journals etc.

Celebrity hairstyles and face shapes:

Every individual has a unique face shape and a good hairstyle is one that is chosen accordingly. If you have an oval face that is similar to Jennifer Aniston’s or Julia Robert’s, you can go in for a haircut flaunting straight long hair or maybe curly hairdos. But if you have a round face the hair should be styled in such a manner that the tresses are kept away from the face giving it height and fullness. Rectangular and oblong faces look good with short or medium hair with bangs to soften the face. People with heart shaped faces look great in chin length or long hair.

Maintaining Celebrity Hairstyles:

For fullness one should use a blow dry with a medium size brush holding it horizontally. This will give the hair volume, bounce and sheen.

For controlling frizz and protecting the hair from heat, a drop of serum should be put on the hands and applied to the tresses prior to blow drying the hair and setting it into a style.

You can also use a wide range of hairsprays and gels that help in keeping the hairdo in place and shape throughout the occasion.



Celebrity Fashion Reviews:

Prior to choosing any celebrity hairstyle, you need to make sure whether it is a good option for you or not. A number of times certain celebrities are criticized for a particular hairdo, so make sure that you don’t end up selecting something that doesn’t look good at all. Most hairstyles sported by celebrities look good because they have been designed by experts who keep supervising their hair from time to time and keep it in good shape. Make sure to consult your hair expert before choosing the right hairstyle and keep it realistic and practical. There is no point going in for an elaborate hairdo which is difficult to maintain.

Celebrity Hairstyles can be the perfect answer for some but they may also not turn out to be the way you wished. Keep in mind that celebrities change their hairstyles with every dress, so make sure that your hairstyle also remains flexible and can be adjusted to different apparels and occasions. If you are in love with a particular celebrity hairdo, try altering it according to a style that is likely to suit your appearance.

It is great to opt for one of these chic and savvy hairstyles as celebrities are considered to be the ultimate style icons. All you need to do is make sure that a particular hairstyle is likely to suit you and will take you places instead of forcing you to hide in the attic.

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