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medium hairstyles
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Medium hair styles for women

Medium hair styles are fun, flirty and fashionable. What’s more? They are in vogue like never before and everyone is rushing to the nearest salon to get a great cut that can help them flaunt their priceless features and enhance their overall personality. One of the biggest advantages of this type of cut is that they are totally hassle free and are easy to maintain. In today’s fast paced life, everybody wants a haircut that is trendy, smart and can be done in a few seconds.

Medium cut hairstyles are extremely versatile and offer you a wide range of hairdos to pick and choose from. They are also suitable for all face types and cuts. One of the unique features of this type of cut is that they never wear out and tend to enhance your facial features and looks. If you are a busy bee and are looking for a hairstyle that takes a few minutes to be done you must consider going in for a medium length cut. These cuts can be anywhere from your chin to your shoulders and can make you look very appealing.

Medium hair styles are very flexible. You can go in for letting your tresses down, pinning them up, tying them in a ponytail or simply casting them in a bun. You can also experiment with your hair by wearing the layered cuts straight or curling them up. One of the biggest advantages of mid-length hair cuts is that they tend to suit everybody. It all boils down to how you plan on wearing your tresses. You can go in for highlighting your hair, keep them razor cut, add bling by wearing some crazy accessories and blend the overall cut with your face shape.

Oval Face: These types of facial cuts look good with al types of haircuts.

Square Face: Chin length cuts or a slightly longer are most likely to suit square faces. This technique tends to soften the jaw line.

Round face: Chin length and longer hairstyles are great for individuals with round faces.

Heart shaped face: Chin length hairstyles look great on individuals with heart shaped faces.

Medium Hair Styles:


This is one of the most popular mid length hairstyles. It blends well with all face shapes and is ideal for the summer season. For creating this particular hairstyle the tresses are sliced off between the chin and shoulders. You can use a razor to get the ends snipped off. To set this style, you need a good styling spray and then blow dry it from all angles. You can also make use of highlights and lowlights to enhance the style. The bob cut highlights your facial features and is easy to maintain with regular trims.


Classic medium cut

This is one of the most sought after cuts of medium length. It features straight tresses falling down loosely against the face to the shoulder. The fringe on the forehead highlights the facial features dynamically. This classic cut works well with smoky eyes and nude lips. You can also wear this hairstyle on most occasions. Regular trims are required to maintain this hairstyle.


Blunt cut

The blunt cut comes up to ones shoulder and includes choppy layers that make the hair very easy to maintain and handle. You need to use a well rounded brush and tame your tresses with the help of a blow drier. You can also set your hair by using styling gel for a straight down effect or use a mild hairspray and curl your locks. 


Waves Galore

This hairstyle is great for those looking to experiment with their tresses. It is characterized by medium cut shoulder length hair that is then cast into soft waves by using rollers or a crimping iron. You can also part your hair to enhance your features in this hairstyle. Try using some fine color techniques that can work wonders for your looks.


Maintaining Medium Hair styles:

It is essential for you to go in for a regular trim with a medium hair cut in order to keep it looking fresh. Use a good shampoo and conditioner regularly to tidy your tresses. Go for a trim the instant you spot a split end. Healthy hair always looks beautiful. You must indulge in an adequate hair care routine in order to tame your tresses and get the most out of your looks. Medium length cuts are in vogue and you must try one on to enhance your looks at the earliest.

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