medium hairstyles
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medium hairstyles
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Medium Hair Styles

Medium hair styles are easy to maintain and are one of the best ways by means of which you can keep your tresses in good shape and at a length that is easily manageable. Medium hairdos safe you from the difficulties of styling long hair and the inability to style short hair. Medium hair cuts are also called in-between hairstyles and shoulder length dos by some hairstylists. There are a number of ways in which you can style medium length hair from letting it down to pinning it up in a sophisticated bun or curling up the ends and getting huge waves. Medium hair styles always look trendy and are never out of vogue. Medium length tresses look good when they have a lot of bounce and volume, so if you have thin hair, you can always use some great products to enhance your tresses.

A medium haircut is a great choice for people of different hair types. One of the biggest advantages of having medium cut hair is that it allows you to explore and have variety. A medium cut layered hairstyle can enhance any facial feature and many a times can also serve as a medium to camouflage certain feature one is apprehensive of showing. Medium cuts are also easy to manage and style.

Simple medium cut hairstyles


BobCut: This is one of the most popular hairstyles for the summer season. It tends to suit everyone and is popular among all age groups. In this hairstyle the hair is snipped off from somewhere between the chin to the shoulder. Smoky eyes look great with this cut. It is also easy to manage with regular trims and enhances one’s features.



 Sleek medium cut: This cut is a classic and is featured with the tresses falling down against the face to the shoulder and the fringe on the forehead brings out the facial features rather beautifully. This cut is suitable for all types of face shapes and has an extremely feminine appeal.


 The ‘Rachel’: One of the most popular medium cut hair is ‘The Rachel’ which was named after the fictional character Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston in the famous TV. Show Fiends. The hair cut consists of layered angled shag with the tresses falling slightly above the shoulder. This goes well with oval faces.


 Blunt cut: The blunt cut comes up to ones shoulder and includes choppy layers that make the hair very easy to maintain and handle.


Wavy Mischief: This hairstyle is great for those looking to experiment with their tresses. It is characterized by medium cut shoulder length hair that is then cast into soft waves by using rollers or a crimping iron. You can also part your hair to enhance your features in this hairstyle.



Maintenance of medium hair styles:

A medium hair cut can be easily maintained by everyone. This length is particularly suitable for working women, who need to tousle between household and office chores and still need a fresh new look. Girls who are regular in sports can also enhance their sporty image by tying their tresses into raspy ponytails or simply use a hair band to tuck their tresses.

It is essential for you to make sure that you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair in good shape. Since medium haircuts usually frame the face, they should be cared for properly so that they look their best. Regular trimming may be needed and the ends of the hair should be properly conditioned. Incase of any split ends they should be cut off immediately to avoid a frizzy look.

The popularity of medium length hair has increased to quite an extent in recent times. In fact, most of the contemporary haircuts that people go for are medium haircuts. No matter how you wear your medium cut hair, the style always has a lot to offer. One can always use hot rollers or a curling iron to look better. There are numerous things that one can do to stand out from among your peers and having a medium hair cut allows you to experiment with your look every now and then to suit your mood and occasion. Since medium hair styles are in vogue you can always play around with your tresses and make them look super sexy and fashionable at all times.

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