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medium hairstyles
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Woman Medium Hair styles

Hair is the most essential beauty feature of any individual. It is a natural fashion accessory that can be colored, crimped, blown, cut or styled in a number of ways. Women medium hairstyles are quite a rage in contemporary times. Most women want to have hassle free hair that is easy to manage and can be styled in a few minutes. Juggling between office and home leaves little time for ladies to sit in front of their dressers for hours and groom their tresses. Medium cut hair styles offer a great deal of versatility and allow you to experiment with your look easily. Most hair experts also call medium length cuts shoulder length cuts and mid-lengths.

There are a number of advantages of keeping medium length hair. Firstly, medium length tresses are easy to manage and style, they can be cared for more easily; they tend to suit all facial cuts and shapes and they are ideal for all occasions. There are various women who flaunt medium hair styles with ease and charm. Most medium length cuts look great when they are voluminous and bouncy. You can also use a number of products available in the market to enhance your cut and make your hair appear to be more glossy and abundant.

Types of Women Medium Hair styles:

Marilyn Monroe cut

This mid-length hairdo has been inspired by the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. It requires minimal layering with razor texturing at the ends for added softness. If you have naturally wavy hair, this hairstyle can work wonders for you. You can also achieve this look by acquiring wavy locks by using a blow drier and styling your hair with a diffuser attachment using a volumizing mousse for getting an enhanced natural curl. The hair is then set on Velcro rollers or curled by using a curling iron for getting the right look. Once the hair is set, you must use a bit of smoothing serum to define the tresses. A mild hairspray can also be used to keep the bouncy curls in place.


Flip-up Hairstyle

This is a fine example of flirtatious tresses. You can sport this hairstyle on all occasions and it is likely to suit all face shapes. It also gives a touch or mystery and grace with an added effect of blonde highlights. The cut is shaped into straight and smooth lines around the face while the back flips up in various angles. This style is easy to create with fine hair. To flip up the tresses, you need to use a styling get, smoothing lotion and gloss. You can also part your tresses sideways or in the middle.

Mid Length Bob

This is an exciting one-length style with a center part and razor softened ends. It blends well with medium to fine hair types and needs to be done with the help of a blow drier for giving an enhanced root lift. You can also use a flat iron for straightening the tresses for the final finish. You can also use a small amount of mousse for holding the style in place.   


Maintaining medium Length Hair styles:

It is very important for you to maintain your hair if you have a medium length hairdo. Regular trims are necessary to maintain the style and keep looking fresh. If you avoid trimming for long, you hair might look unruly and out of shape.

You must use a good shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. Go in for a trim the minute you spot a single split end.

Blow dry your hair every now and then, but avoid using heat activated products very often. This leads to the hair becoming dry and brittle.

Go in for a hot oil massage at least once a week before shampooing your hair. This helps nourish the scalp and keeps the hair looking glossy.

Woman Medium Hair Styles for all occasions:

Medium length cuts are easy to manage and are quite popular among women. They are in vogue and are easy to maintain. You can also change you style as and when you wish as mid-length tresses can be tamed in a number of ways. You can do your hair in a ponytail, pin it up in a chic bun or just let it loose depending upon the occasion and the need. Medium length cuts look suave, sexy and sizzling. They also give you the option to experiment with your style and look and enable you to look different from the rest.

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