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short hairstyles
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Short hair style Pictures

Hair is the most dynamic fashion accessory we possess. We can style our tresses in a number of ways by cutting them, coloring them or blowing them. There are a number of short hairstyles one can pick and choose from depending upon your facial cut, features and hair type. It is however important for you to make the selection carefully. Prior to heading straight for a haircut, you must check out the various short hair styles pictures on the internet, in fashion magazines and hairstyle catalogues. This will make it easier for you to communicate the desired look to your hair stylist.

Short hairstyles and pictures:


Choppy blunt bob:

This is a very pleasing design as the bangs added to this style soften the bob and add a certain appeal to the overall cut. The blunt sides narrow the facial structure and focus more attention on the overall look. This hairstyle is ideal for those having a wide forehead. It is a fun hairstyle that can be sported with ease and can make you look stunning. 


Asymmetrical Angled cut

This hairstyle is cut in an uneven manner in which the bangs can be tucked behind the ears or left to frame the face. Adding colorful streaks can uplift this style.





Sassy sweeping Blunt

This is one of the hot favorites among short hairstyle and looks extremely elegant. To create this hairstyle, the tresses are parted in the side and cut evenly. You can wear a flashy clip or pin up the other side.


 Comb down hairstyle

This is an extremely chic hairstyle in which the hair sweeps gently above the eye brows and is combed down on all sides. The hair is longer on the sides and short from the front and back.



The Flip out Bob

This is a great bob cut with a spicy difference added to enhance the overall effect of the style. Most Bob cuts are in turned but flip outs are added to this design to create a whole new look. Both sides can be pinned up behind the ears and the heave flip outs are left to frame the face.

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