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short hairstyles
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Short Hair Styles

Short hair styles look great on almost everyone and are easy to manage. They can be sported at all occasions whether casual or formal and are great for all weather conditions. It is very important for you select your hairstyle with great care as it plays a crucial role in making a first impression on others. The various factors that need to be taken into consideration before finalizing your hair cut are your hair type, facial cut, features and lifestyle. It is best to consult a professional hairstylist prior to deciding on which hairstyle would be most appropriate for you in order to get the desired look.

A number of people believe that there aren’t many options for short hair styles. But this is not true. You can really play with short tresses and prep the up in a number of ways by experimenting with various coloring techniques, highlights, lowlights and streaking.

Popular short hairstyles:

The choppy bob: This sassy hairstyle has bangs added to enhance its overall charm. It is ideal for those with a wide forehead. This fun hairstyle can be sported on all occasions.

Asymmetrical cut: This sexy hairstyle looks great on all occasions and adds a touch of class to your overall personality. To create this hairstyle, the tresses are cut in an uneven manner and the bangs are either tucked behind the ears or are left to frame the face.

Flip out bob: This hairstyle is different from the regular in turned bobs as it is flipped out at the edges. This classy hairstyle can be colored or streaked to add an element of fun and looks great on all formal occasions.

Natural Ruffled: This hairstyle looks elegant with medium length layered bangs that fall in face framing layers. It tends to make the face look smaller and is ideal for square and wide facial cuts.

Sweeping Blunt cut: This hairstyle is characterized by side parting the hair and cutting it evenly. It is a great hairdo for all occasions.

Comb down hair style: This is a simple hair style that is cut in such a way that it sweeps gently above the eyebrows and is combed down on all sides. In this cut the hair is longer on the sides and shorter from the front and back.

Choppy Bob Asymmetrical Cut Flip Out Bob
Natural Ruffled Comb Down Hair Sweeping Blunt Cut


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