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Short Prom Hair Styles

The prom night is probably the biggest event in a teenager’s life he/she looks forward to. Apart from getting the right apparel, shoes and accessories, it is extremely important to concentrate on the right hairstyle. There are hundreds of short prom hairstyles you can pick and choose from depending upon the look you want to sport. Your prom hairstyle should be elegant as well as trendy and stay in place throughout the night.

While selecting a prom hairstyle, you need to make sure that it matches your outfit and makes you feel comfortable. There are various types of Short Prom Hair Styles that can be worn to the party will all types of dresses. Most girls imitate their favorite celebrity prior to hitting the prom. You can get really innovative with your short tresses and add a spark to your personality. The biggest advantage with a short hairstyle is that it is easier to manage and won’t keep you all worked up about the way you look as far as you are comfortable with it.

Popular Short Prom Hair Styles:  

Sassy sweeping Blunt: This is one of the hot favorites among short hairstyle and looks extremely elegant. To create this hairstyle, the tresses are parted in the side and cut evenly. You can wear a flashy clip or pin up the other side.

Comb down hairstyle: This is an extremely chic hairstyle in which the hair sweeps gently above the eye brows and is combed down on all sides. The hair is longer on the sides and short from the front and back.

Flip out bob: This is one of the most popular short prom hairstyles. This unique hairstyle is different from regular bob cuts that are in turned as it is flipped out at the edges. The sides can be pinned up behind the ears or left to frame the face.

The classic bob cut: This hairstyle can be cut evenly or at an angle. If you have a thin face, you can go in for the even look, whereas if you have a round face, you must opt for the angles cut.

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