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short hairstyles
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Woman Short hair styles

One of the easiest ways by means of which you can get an instant makeover is by cutting your tresses and opting for a short hair style. This would give you the much needed break from your regular longer hairdos and spice up your look within a few minutes. The contemporary woman is juggling between office and home chores. She is constantly looking for a hassle free hairstyle that is easy to manage. What better than opting for one of the trendy short haircuts doing the rounds in elite fashion circuits all across the globe?

There are hundreds of short hair styles you can pick and choose from depending on the look you want to sport. However, it is advisable for you to go through the various woman short hair styles pictures available on the internet, in fashion magazines or in hairstyle catalogues. This will also make it easier for you to communicate the exact look you want to your hair stylist.

Woman short hair styles pictures can be located at various celebrity websites or are available at elite salons. The various factors governing your hairstyle include your facial cut, features, hair type and lifestyle. Short hairstyles are easy to manage and look great with regular trims. They tend to make you look younger and suit all age groups.

Woman Short Hair styles pictures:


Victoria bob

This is one of the most popular hairstyle among contemporary women looking for an instant makeover. This hairstyle, which has become the trademark of Victoria Beckham, is a fun and sassy style which is characterized by wispy, varying lengths cut in a zig zag fashion.  



Asymmetrical cut

This hairstyle is a sassy cut in which the hair is cut in an uneven manner and the bangs are tucked behind the ears or left to frame the face. You can prep this hairstyle by adding a dash of color to your tresses.





The choppy blunt

This elegant hairstyle features bangs that are added to soften the overall look. It is recommended for women with a wide forehead and looks good on all occasions.





The Flip out Bob

This is a great bob cut with a spicy difference added to enhance the overall effect of the style. Most Bob cuts are in turned but flip outs are added to this design to create a whole new look. Both sides can be pinned up behind the ears and the heave flip outs are left to frame the face.

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